SEO Tutorial for Wordpress

Get found before your competitors are.Beginner's easy step-by-step SEO tutorial for WordPress owners

Obliterate competitors. Make a marketing website.

A new book is coming, to make SEO simple for those who want to attract more website traffic, without the fuss and without paying thousands for someone else to do it for them.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with online marketing and search engine optimisation, this book obliterates that once and for all, with it’s easy steps, explanations and screenshots.

Now you won’t have to spend hundreds to thousands a month in hiring an SEO company! You can just do your own SEO.

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How will this SEO tutorial get you more customers?

The only way to get more customers without paying.

✔ It will teach you what to do to make search engines take notice of your WordPress website, so that it is your website that gets listed on search results when people are looking for the solutions you provide
✔ It will guide you in two powerful marketing methods which you will use the rest of your life, and which your competitors are not likely to know about
✔ it will show you how to blog properly so that your content will attract the right people, at the right time

Get more customers without paying for advertising. The only way to do this is to optimise your website for search engines. This is how the world’s most profitable and popular websites make money; by being featured on the first pages of search results.

What do people say about the book, "Discover Proven Secrets to Boost WordPress Website Traffic"?

What a helpful hand book. I read the book and then implemented the SEO suggestions on a website I run for a breed specific dog rescue. Within half an hour, our website was ranked 4th on the first page on the google search terms where previously it had been appearing only on page 5 of the search terms. Thank you so much!

Sharon Van Wyk – The Blessed Barrenness

What's in the SEO tutorial book?

How to do keyword research

Step-by-step guide to doing your own keyword research, so you use the right words to get the right people (those who will buy) to your site

Attract the right customers

How to base your marketing efforts on your target audience so you get the right traffic to your website, and how to find out what you need to know about them, so that you can optimise your website.

When you do this, you’ll attract the right people, and sell more.

Providing valuable content

The significance of providing value-add content. How to know what to write about on your website, so that you get more traffic, and more importantly, the right traffic.

Blogging for effect

How to blog properly to attract more people and so that search engines think your website is good enough to display on search results.

Get better at writing

There is so much information available online nowadays that your website won’t keep readers for more than a few seconds if you’re not writing about things that matter. Learn also how to write so that it’s easy to read, even for people who prefer to scan instead of read.

SEO plugins that will help

Find out which WordPress plugins to use that help with search engine optimisation, how to install them and how to use them.

Screenshots from the "Discover Proven Secrets to Boost WordPress Website Traffic" book

seo tutorial
seo tutorial screenshot
seo tutorial screenshot

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