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Claire Carradice
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My core values

Make It Easy

Make it easy for people to do business with me. In fact, make it so easy for them that they will not leave to go elsewhere!

Smart Clients Only

I do not work with people who are not smart. This is because clients who are not smart can ruin my reputation.

Your Needs First

It may have become a cliche, but my motto is to serve and put the needs of my customer’s first. As a previous client said about me, “there is no one more passionate about service than Claire”.

Always Choose Honesty

I have lost business (which I knew I would) because I always put honesty first. This guides all my decisions. In a dishonest world, I will always be honest with you.

Best in Class

I only work with quality clients, because the work I produce is worthy to be valued.

Innovative Solutions

My thinking and my work is innovative, often stretching the norm, but always to get results.

Examples of some of my work

Some of my clients

My clients make a real difference in the world of business. They are organised, competent and effective. Some are small business owners, some entrepreneurs, and some are startups.

I refuse to work with people I can’t respect or do not enjoy, or who’s niches I do not believe in.

I am proud of my clients, and the work I do for them.

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