3 Off-The-Chart B2B Affordable Facebook Tools To Grow Your Business

Facebook is an awesome marketing channel for any business, because even if you’re a B2B company, the nature of Facebook is such that those you do business with – even CEOs and other decision makers – are using the platform, even if it’s only in a personal capacity.

But that still makes them reachable…

Now, there is technique involved in Facebook marketing, and quite a steep learning curve in order to fully utilise it for business, but even the smaller business will find at least one of the following off-the-chart smart tools handy to grow their business, or to increase conversions.

#1: Facebook Growth Comments Tool

If you have online marketing experience, you will know that “the money is in the list”; all your marketing activities should be geared towards getting email addresses in order to nurture leads.

Easier said than done, especially if your core service is not marketing.

Now, Facebook chatbots are already used by a great many companies [demonstrates how 9 companies are using them], but the problem with chatbots [from a marketing perspective] is that you have to wait for someone to message you first before the chatbot kicks into action, and the heavy work is actually getting people to message you. Chatbots are more of a customer experience tool than a marketing tool.

But imagine if there was a way to send a message to every person who commented on your posts?

In comes ManyChat; a Facebook comments growth tool; a bot platform that sends traffic to Facebook Messenger. Set up the tool to message anyone who comments on your posts.

Here’s an example of how to set it up in ManyChat:

Once you set it up, all you have to do is build a landing page with an irresistible offer, and Bob’s your uncle. The person clicks on the link in Messenger, gets sent to a landing page, enters their email address in exchange for whatever, and voila! Another person is added to your email marketing list.

Best of all? You can start for free.

#2: Hyperise Image Personalisation

Customer experience is the new marketing, and gives you the edge over your competitors, no matter the size of your business.

Research has shown that personalisation can at least double your conversion rate, and image personalisation is one thing that most companies are not utilising.

In a nutshell, Hyperise gives companies the ability to add personalised images on the fly, across your entire marketing funnel. 

While Hyperise has some competition, it’s the only tool targeted specifically at the B2B market, and can be used in Facebook or Google ads. It includes data enrichment [if you give the system an email address, it automatically looks up 16 other points of data from all over the internet based on that email address]. It can be used with just about any other tool, like cold email software, CRM or marketing automation. 

The tool personalises images on the fly to provide consistency, so it can be set up so that the user sees the same image on an email, landing page, Facebook ad, Google ad and chatbot.

The tool is affordable for any business that is looking for ways to increase conversions.

#3: Facebook Graph Search Generator

According to Zephoria, 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 images are uploaded to Facebook every 60 seconds. 

That’s a huge amount of content on one platform. Why not use it to grow your business?

To make it easy to find stuff, Facebook used to offer a search function, which was discontinued. 

To fill the void, Facebook Graph Search was created. Still in it’s beta phase, it’s a powerful search engine that can be used to access Facebook’s “big data” with filters. 

Conduct searches around people, posts, photos, videos, pages, places and events. For example, you could look for prospective clients using this tool, by doing a “page” search:

I searched for plumbers in Toronto. If any plumber in Toronto has a Facebook page, it will be listed in the search results:

Really, this tool acts as a powerful research mechanism that can be used in your marketing activities.

What do you think? Have any tools you use that are unique and off-the-chart? Share ‘em below!

Author: Claire
Not just a writer, Claire specialises in increasing your website traffic and online sales through the use of smart, search engine optimised content that is targeted towards a certain audience. She specialises in compiling online content for SaaS, Telecoms, small business and marketing. Claire comes from a background in marketing and service operations analytics focusing on the customer experience.