Beware! You’re Wasting Money Hiring The Wrong Writer

You know you need content on your website to achieve your online marketing goals. So you try to find the most affordable freelance writer, and feel pretty chuffed with yourself when all you have to pay is $10 for 500 words.

But you should know that you’re wasting your money, because you’re hiring a freelance writer that is going to do work for you, for a very cheap amount, but the content he or she compiles will be dead.

Dead to your visitors. Dead to search engines.

The result? Zero. Nothing. Nada.

Here’s why:

Different writers achieve different online marketing results

Not all freelance writers are equal, and not all writing types are equal.

But I won’t get into that here, because I’ve already written about what you want to look for in a blog post writer to boost your online marketing efforts via search engines.

What I want to delve into now, is the different types of freelance writing which are often confused. And the reason why you should know the differences are:


Each type of writing is for a different objective, so if you hire a writer that specialises in blog post writing for instance, but you want sales copy, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for. Because each type of writing requires a different skill set.

The very sad thing is that barring premium content writers, most freelance writers don’t even know this.

3 Of the Most Common and Confused Online Writing Styles

Here’s some of the different types of writing, and what they are used for:

#1: Blog post writer

screenshot of a blog post

Example of a blog post on a website.

The purpose of blog posts are two-fold:

  1. To offer value-add information for your target audience in order to build trust and credibility, so that your online marketing objectives can be achieved, and
  2. For search engine optimisation, so that you get more traffic to your website.

Blog posts are what are part of an inbound marketing strategy and are essential on a website so that search engines understand how valuable a website is, and what the website is about.

Without blogging, a website is not likely to come up in search results, and it’s highly unlikely that when search engine users are trying to find solutions that you provide, that they will find your website.

And if they don’t find your website when they’re searching for what you provide, they’ll simply click on over to your competitor who is featured on the first page of the search results.

Now here’s the problem: what most average writers don’t know, is that for blog posts to achieve the results their client wants, they have to:

  1. Understand your audience extremely well – maybe ever better than what you yourself do, and
  2. Understand how search engines and content work to bring more traffic.

It is only premium writers who understand how complex the compilation of a blog post can be, and because of this, they ask high prices, because of all the work that is involved, and they know their content has the highest ROI.

This was proven in a HubSpot study that revealed that companies who have blog posts on their websites, experience 126% more leads than companies who don’t.

Read about how I compile effective search engine optimised blog posts as opposed to the more generic writer.

What kind of price should you be paying in order to get the results you want from your blog posts? Well, you should not be paying anything less than $50 for 600 words. Otherwise, you’re probably just wasting your money.


Hire a freelance SEO blog post writer. (Get a blog post compiled like this one)


#2: Web content writer

screenshot of web content writing

Example of a home page with web content.

Web content is all the writing that’s done on a website, excluding blog post writing. The website pages that are typically classified as web content are:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Services page

Most web content requires copywriting skills which is sales writing skills, because each of those pages is trying to get the reader to take one single action.

A web content writer should be skilled in writing sales copy (copywriting) but if they are not, they won’t know that their writing needs to persuade readers to do something, so they are likely to compile your web content as they would a blog post.

And this is why your website is not working to convert readers into buying from you. (Well, it’s not only this, because for online marketing to work, you would also need to offer compelling lead magnets, and make your website a marketing machine).

You see, because of the lack of face-to-face interaction, your website acts as your sales rep.

Side note! Here’s something to think about:

what is your website doing to encourage people to buy from you?

A good web content writer:

  • Understands human psychology
  • Understands online marketing and conversion optimisation
  • Is skilled in guiding the reader to take one action

An entry-level web content writer with these skills should charge more than a blog post writer, so you’re looking at around $50 (R660) per hour.


Hire a web content writer.


#3: Copywriting freelance writer

screenshot of a landing page

Example of a landing page with copywriting.

Copywriting is hard-core sales writing and commands the highest prices out of the three most common forms of online writing. When these writers can show the value of their work in numbers, you’re going to pay a lot to secure their services.

However, not many mid-ranged copywriters can provide the numbers, because they would have to get them from their clients, and only after a certain period of time. This can prove difficult.

Copywriters can charge a lot more than other types of writing because of the value their work provides. Consider this: you have an online product, so you run an advertising campaign to get more sales. Now, any online sales campaign needs landing pages, and landing pages is where copywriting comes in, because a landing page exists to get the reader to take one action.

Think about how much money can be made by sending traffic to a landing page – you will only make sales if your copy is good. If you use a cheap copywriter who does not have the right skills, you’re wasting your money.

The copywriter’s work is what convinces people or businesses to spend money on a product or service.

If you were to have a brick and mortar store, you would also have a traditional sales person getting people to buy in-store. The landing page acts as that sales person, working to convince the reader to take the action you want them to take.

How much are you looking to pay? Entry level copywriters ask from about $50 (R660) an hour, but you should know that top-notch copywriters earn up to $500,000 (R6 637 900,00) per annum, and the very best in the world earn more than $1m (R13 275 800,00).

Hire a copywriter.

Author: Claire
Not just a writer, Claire specialises in increasing your website traffic and online sales through the use of smart, search engine optimised content that is targeted towards a certain audience. She specialises in compiling online content for SaaS, Telecoms, small business and marketing. Claire comes from a background in marketing and service operations analytics focusing on the customer experience.


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