South African Entrepreneur Stories: Scott Cundill

Scott Cundill, South African entrepreneur

Scott Cundill, South African entrepreneur since 1997 (although like most born entrepreneurs, his entrepreneurial streak started way back in school), is a marketer, consumer expert, technologist, and a published author. And a Kung Fu master, representing South Africa at Shaolin Kung Fu.

In addition, he has exceptional insights into the global finance system and the legal fraternity.

He is the founder of Majestic3, an e-mail driven content communications and marketing company with offices in South Africa and London.

His most recent innovation – The Gentle Reminders Club – together with a group of other entrepreneurs and small businesses, embraces all his passions.

I had the privilege of interviewing Scott:

What is The Gentle Reminders Club, and what value does it add to small business owners and entrepreneurs?

It is a third party Club that gently, and in an uplifting way, encourages your debtors to pay their invoices nice and fast.

What made you decide to start The Gentle Reminders Club?

About 15% of our turnover comes in late so we built this platform to help ourselves. There is an attitude in South Africa that people can pay invoices “whenever” and this needs to change. Too much money is bottlenecked with a few late paying companies.

Tell me about your entrepreneurial journey?

In 1997 I started a web design business. 15 years ago I founded

Two years ago I decided to go to London to see if I could crack the market.

We have now an established client base there. A few months ago we started The Gentle Reminders Club.

You couldn’t keep me out of entrepreneurship if you tried. It’s who I am.

What are some of your philosophies on life?

Avoid Black Holes.

If you get too close to someone or something that is stealing your energy, and it’s making you unhappy, then break away before it sucks you in completely.

That applies to people, clients, and politicians.

You own Majestic3, which creates amazing email journeys. Being South African, how does your software compare to overseas software?

When I arrived in London, we did not compete very well.  This trip forced me to innovate.  I needed to simplify our model and focus on a simple niche. Today, we have clients across the UK and South Africa with a record turnover.

As a successful entrepreneur, what would you say are the top 3 qualities to starting and succeeding with online marketing?

  1. If you focus only on the new, you’re dead.
  2. Measure everything. Then measure it again.
  3. Keep it really simple. And I mean REALLY simple.

How do you think South African companies compare globally with regards to online marketing?

The world is standardised to the point where online marketing knowledge can be shared worldwide.

It’s not about countries anymore, it’s about people. If you are the right person with the right relationship with the right client, it doesn’t matter where your home is.

There are South Africans here who compete with the best of them.

What would you attribute your business achievements to?


You have to keep learning, keep growing and get out there. I went to London on a wing and a prayer. You’ve got to be adventurous!

Can you provide two interesting, but lesser known tidbits you have found to be true with regards to online marketing?

  1. Email is king and, for most industries, always will be.
  2. Automation is critical – in whatever marketing you do. However, never let it fully replace the personal touch.

Where can people go to find out more about The Gentle Reminders Club?

They can go directly to the website at

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