Target Personas Increase Marketing Generated Revenue by 171%*

Target personas should form the basis of all your marketing initiatives, because if you don’t know intimately who you are targeting, your marketing won’t be as effective as it could be. And you’ll waste money.

If you don’t know the pain points of the people you want to engage, how can you speak their language, so they stop what they’re doing and pay attention to you?

Oh wait…you thought marketing was about you, did you? Here’s the bombshell: no one cares about your brand or your history or when you were established. People only care about how you can help them.

And so it stands to reason, that if you’re battling to attract business and get better leads, it’s likely it’s because your marketing is not focused on your audience.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

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What Exactly Are Target Personas?

A target persona is a representation of your ideal buyer, and it is based on your current customers, or if you don’t yet have any, on market research.

An example is provided by VWO:

target persona example

Example of a target persona

Why Are Target Personas Important?

Let’s begin with a fictional case study:

ABC Hairdressers decide they need to up their marketing activities. So they have a flyer made, and because they found an image with a cute child getting a haircut, decide to include that on the flyer.

One problem: ABC Hairdressers do not cater for kids haircuts. They start getting a few calls from parents about cuts for kids, only to have to turn the callers away with a, “oh sorry, we don’t do cuts for children”.

They just wasted every cent they spent to get the flyer designed, printed and distributed.

Had ABC Hairdressers an intimate understanding of their target persona, they would have known which image would have appealed to those people, and included that one instead of the cute kid that destroyed their objective.

Meantime, Eclectic Hair, their competitor around the corner, has conducted extensive research into their target persona, to find that the majority of their customers are mothers of children between the ages of 3 and 5, and that these mothers usually make hair appointments for the afternoon after they’ve collected the kids from nursery school.

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After requesting their clients to complete a survey, Eclectic Hair realised that their clients found it difficult to get their hair done with their children hanging around and behaving badly because they were bored.

Armed with this knowledge, Eclectic Hair employed a young girl who loved children, added a few kids tables and chairs to a certain area in the store, and the young girl kept the kids busy with drawing, colouring-in and other fun things. As a result, more mothers began hearing of a hairdresser that would keep their kids occupied while they had their hair done, and sales exploded.

Why? Because moms of tots could now bring their kids and take a break while their hair was done. They no longer needed to worry about what their kids were getting up to, and their children no longer bugged them to go home.

Happy, happy tots. Happy, happy moms.

Now Eclectic Hair created a flyer saying, “Bring the kids and take a break while your hair gets done, and we’ll keep your kids busy with fun stuff”. More sales from grateful moms who began flocking to the store!

See yet how powerful target personas are, and how they have the potential to dramatically increase revenue?

In essence, creating target personas:

  • Increases your search engine ranking so you get more traffic and therefore make more sales
  • Provides a great client journey so you retain more customers and make more money as a result
  • Improves email marketing efforts because more people will open your emails, leading to increased trust building and therefore, more sales
  • Attracts attention from the right people in all your marketing material, so you save marketing costs and generate more sales






Author: Claire
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