1 Minute Case Study: Website Reviews

Website Review: PMI South Africa Homepage

Who Is PMI SA?

PMI SA is a South African higher education and training company.

Objective of Website

PMI South Africa said the objective of their website is to attract attention, and to convey the value of education.

Target Audience

PMI reported that their target audience is the working learner ages 25 – 65 and that they would also like to attract school leavers.

First Steps Online Marketing Analysis & Feedback

The feedback provided back to PMI South Africa:

#1: Target Audience Appeal

Your target audience is too wide because of the ages. What happens when you target too many groups of people is that you appeal to none. Your website does not speak to any one group because it is trying to speak to everyone.

If you can narrow it down, your website would be more effective. As it is now, looking at the homepage, it is also more about PMI SA than about the benefits for your audience. Everything on your homepage needs to be not about PMI SA, but your audience, so that when you have a web visitor, they know within 5 seconds how you can help them achieve their dreams.

For instance, imagine you were targeting school leavers. Your most prominent headline could be something like, “Get the future of your dreams.”. But if you were targeting 35 – 50 year olds, it could be, “Start living the life you want”. Do you see the difference? Subtle, but each one speaks to a different audience and it appeals to their emotions which is the driving factor.

You say you want to get the value of education across to people, so how do you do that? You appeal to their emotions; their aspirations. But you can only do that if you target a specific audience.

You have to ask yourself why should your audience pick PMI SA to study with? It is this that will separate you from your competitors.

#2: Maximising Marketing Opportunities

You also need some way of holding on to your visitors – to collect their email addresses so you can market to them later – otherwise they may be coming to your site but leaving, only to fall into the deep dark abyss that is the internet.

#3: SEO Strategy

Lastly, in terms of your SEO strategy, you don’t have enough content on your site to get more traffic – you need to be adding at least one article a month if you want to increase your site traffic without paid advertising. And again, it needs to be written for your target audience, and it needs to provide real value to them.

Author: Claire
Not just a writer, Claire specialises in increasing your website traffic and online sales through the use of smart, search engine optimised content that is targeted towards a certain audience. She specialises in compiling online content for SaaS, Telecoms, small business and marketing. Claire comes from a background in marketing and service operations analytics focusing on the customer experience.


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